Google employees ridicule Sundar Pichai for rushing ‘Bard’ unveil

Google Employees Ridicule CEO Sundar Pichai For Rushing Bard AI Chatbot Announcement
Recently, Some Google employees are upset with the way the company has announced its ChatGPT rival, Bard. CEO Pichai made the announcement via blog post.

Google Employees of the technology company said that CEO Sundar Pichai is ridiculed for Rushing Bard’s AI Chatbot Announcement.

Messages float on an internal message forum

Recently, Some Google employees are upset with the way the company has announced its AI chatbot Bard as a competition of ChatGPT.

CEO Pichai made the announcement through a blog post. The company announced the introduction of Bard, a language model for dialogue applications. The company said Bard would draw on information from the web and give high-quality responses.

During a demonstration posted by Google, Bard gave an incorrect answer, which could spark some debate on the chatbot’s accuracy. 

In posts on Google’s internal forum “Memegen,” workers described the troubled launch as “rushed,” “botched,” and “un-Googley,” reports CNBC. 

They are being comically short-sighted and un-Googlely in their pursuit of ‘sharpening focus,’ goes another post.

Google Employees are disappointed with the current scenario

Earlier in January, Google parent Alphabet announced the sack of 12,000 employees. The company sent the email to the employees in the US. 

According to media reports, The employees were promised of severance package including a certain amount of stocks. However, now the Company has communicated that there was a miscalculation in the number of stock units promised. The employees are now deeply disappointed by such communication.

Google’s Earlier Movements

Earlier, Google employees were protesting against poor work conditions and job cuts. The employees have been protesting in the US.

Google employees were protesting due to labour conditions for sub-contracted workers and to support thousands of their recently laid-off co-workers.

The employees claimed that the pay and benefits are far below the company’s minimum standards and benefits for direct contract workers.

The employee conducted one protest at the company’s headquarters in California and other at Google’s corporate offices in New York. 50 employees were protesting near the Google store on Ninth Avenue.

Also, CEO Sundar Pichai & Senior Executives have announced take a pay cut as part of the company’s cost-cutting measures. CEO Sundar Pichai clarified that the supposed cut would be a very significant reduction in their annual bonus.


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