Google laid off a star performer in Hyderabad

Are Google layoffs not based on performance 'star performer' laid off in HYD
Many former employees have been sharing various stories of their layoffs on LinkedIn but this time a 'star performer' has been laid off in Hyderabad.

Technology and search giant, Google has sacked 12,000 employees globally including laying off 453 employees from various departments in India.

Many laid-off employees have been sharing their stories on LinkedIn but this time a ‘star performer’ has been laid off in Hyderabad.

In a post, Harsh Vijayvargiya said, “I never thought my #Firstpost would be regarding #layoffs Saturday Morning I skipped a heartbeat when I got a pop-up email notification on my phone stating email from Google Operations Center.”

“I have been affected with layoff – workforce reduction Google Operations Center One of the most valuable esteemed companies. I was a proud #Googler and will always be. Thank you Rama Rao Kulkarni for this opportunity. Looking forward to a #brighterfuture opportunity ahead”, the post added.

The post further said, “I had a very first question why me though I was a star performer for a month still why me? And I see there was no answer at all! 12k people affected by this are still thinking why me? Which stands still a question mark for the same – #whyme?”

“My salary is half for 2 months! My financial plans are completely ruined! I used to have 5-day work from office and was habituated to enroute office daily am now at home! I have a kid and supportive wife who are always there for me, though I was not available for them because of working hours”, the post added.

The post added, “This took place on Saturday and it took me two days to jot down the strength and get back to things and now fight back for survival. I am #opentowork#openforrelocation#opentonewopportunity #openforjob#jobhunt#survival. If my connections could react to this it would help me reach out to any better opportunity. May all the people fighting the battle of layoff find a way to fight the inner battle and also survival battle?”

“My Collection of memories from Day 1 as a #googler – I dint expect Friday dinner at office would be my last dinner and I Would not get a chance to say goodbye or a team photo”, the post concluded.


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