IBM offers free job-ready Digital & AI Courses through IBM SkillsBuild

IBM is offering multiple Free Courses through IBM SkillsBuild
Simultaneously, a first-of-its-kind roadmap of sustainability skills courses, available for free through IBM SkillsBuild, will empower future climate action.

As vulnerable communities worldwide continue to suffer the outsized effects of climate change, IBM is empowering innovators with cutting-edge technologies and training.

Ahead of COP28, IBM announced the latest investments in its effort to advance environmental sustainability through its social impact programs.

A new set of environmental initiatives pioneering water solutions will be scaled through the IBM Sustainability Accelerator to benefit local communities across the globe.

Simultaneously, a first-of-its-kind roadmap of sustainability skills courses, available for free through IBM SkillsBuild, will empower future climate action.

“With nearly half of the global population vulnerable to significant environmental distress, new strategies to help create a sustainable future are essential,” said Justina Nixon-Saintil, IBM Vice President & Chief Impact Officer.

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“This means scaling solutions to help people immediately, while also cultivating a pipeline of future leaders at the intersection of technology and sustainability across industries”, Justina Nixon-Saintil added.

Read more about the programs here.

IBM SkillsBuild is offering multiple courses including Artificial Intelligence courses for students and educators. The company said on its page, “Power your future in tech with job skills, courses, and credentials—for free.”

The SkillsBuild is offering multiple courses under the following categories and Explore resources for:

  • Learners: The company said, “Build your dream career in technology with these free learning resources. Explore courses and earn digital credentials to show the world what you know.” To know more and apply click here.
  • Educators: The company said, “Create new learning opportunities for your students with cutting-edge educational resources from global tech leaders.” To know more and apply click here.
  • Organizations: The company said, “Enhance your curriculum with cutting-edge learning resources from global tech leaders. Help your students build core workplace and technical skills— and join the workforce of the future.” To know more and apply click here.

To know more kindly visit the website by a click here.

IBM SkillsBuild is offering a Free AI Course

Commenting on the page it said, “You’ve probably heard about the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that power your favorite apps with data science and deep learning techniques. But how much do you really know about how AI works or how it’s changing the world around us?

Learn the basics of this technology, which has the potential to change every single job in the near future, and start building your skills with these free courses. Start exploring the tech and workplace topics and skills that interest you. Gain new skills, earn digital badges, and build the future you want. What’re you waiting for?”

For Students

IBM SkillsBuild is offering AI course for students it said, “Gain a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence, including technical underpinnings like natural language processing, practical applications, and ethical considerations. Then, get some hands-on experience by building your own chatbot!”

For Educators

IBM SkillsBuild said, “With these free AI resources, you’ll be learning artificial intelligence and then you will be ready to lead productive discussions with your students on this revolutionary technology. You can even help your students build a physical or virtual robot, or program a working chatbot that can research and answer questions!”.

To apply for the AI course click here.

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