Infosys allows employees to take up ‘gig jobs’

Infosys allows employees to take up 'gig jobs'
The company has added that it should be with the prior consent of managers provided such an engagement does not compete with the company, or its clients or pose a conflict of interest.

An Indian multinational information technology company, Infosys has allowed employees to take up ‘gig jobs’ along with their current jobs.

The company did not define ‘gig’ work nor did it term it as ‘moonlighting‘. The company has clarified and added that if an employee is taking any ‘gig jobs’ it should be with the prior consent of managers. Additionally, engagement does not compete with the company, or its clients or pose a conflict of interest.

In an internal communication to employees, the company detailed how staff can take up ‘gig’ work. 

In an email to employees, Infosys said: “Any employee, who wishes to take up gig work, may do so, with the prior consent of their manager and BP-HR, and in their personal time, for establishments that do not compete with Infosys or Infosys’ clients.”

Infosys said, “It counts on its employees to ensure that this does not impact their ability to work with the company effectively. In addition, as per Infosys employment contract, employees may not work in areas when there is an actual or potential conflict of interest or by accepting dual employment,” the company wrote in the email.

However, Infosys earlier has fired a few employees in recent months for moonlighting. However, the exact numbers were not mentioned.

CEO Salil Parekh said, “If we have found employees doing work in two different companies, where there are confidentiality issues, we have let them go in the last 12 months.”

Earlier, The company was not in favor of moonlighting. Infosys said that employees cannot take up other assignments during or outside business hours. Further, the company has also added that any violation will lead to disciplinary action that could include termination of employment.

The company describes it with the taglines ‘No two-timing, no moonlighting’ and ‘No double lives. Infosys has sent an internal communication email to employees.

The company clearly stated in the offer letter, “You agree not to take employment, whether full-time or part-time as director/ partner/ member/ employee of any other organization/ entity engaged in any form of business activity without the consent of Infosys.”

“The consent may be given subject to any terms and conditions that the company may think fit and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the company,” the mail from the company said.

Infosys’ headcount as of September 30, 2022 is 3,45,218. Last quarter, Infosys had a net employee addition of 21,171 employees. The company’s attrition has reduced to 27.1 percent in Q2FY23 from 28.4 percent last quarter.


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