Infosys, HCL Tech, Tech Mahindra accused for delay in onboarding

Infosys, HCL Tech, Tech Mahindra accused over delay in onboarding
Harpreet Singh Saluja, President of Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), an IT employees union, said it is “hypocrisy” within the narratives of IT firms in regards to ethics and values. 

The Job applicants have accused Infosys, HCL Tech, and Tech Mahindra for the delay in their onboarding process.

It was earlier reported that Wipro had postponed the joining date of its more than 2000 students/employees, despite their compliance with its assessment guidelines. Post this Capgemini also delayed the onboarded IT professionals.

Harpreet Singh Saluja, President of Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), an IT employees union, said it is “hypocrisy” within the narratives of IT firms in regards to ethics and values. 

He stated, “IT firms ought to be held answerable for placing the careers of scholars and workers in danger. The businesses discuss superficially their ethics and values however in actuality, it’s sheer crony capitalism.”

“IT companies should be held responsible for putting the careers of students and employees at risk. The companies talk superficially about their ethics and values but in reality, it is sheer crony capitalism. It’s clear cheating on organisations’ part as it’s not just the students but their families who also suffer from false promises. Trusting the IT organisations, these students and employees have avoided other employment opportunities”, he further said.

He added, “We’ve requested the Ministry of Labour and Employment to take acceptable actions. The Authorities should take satisfactory measures to safeguard the life, future, and profession of those college students.”

Earlier, the Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate also shared the information through a tweet “@Wipro has no right to play with the future of students & employees. We are seeking. @LabourMinistry intervention to stop this unethical practice which has jeopardized lives of more than 2000 campus hires and employees.”

The professionals have shared the information about the delay that has been done by these companies causing an additional burden. This isn’t the story of 1 however a number of different techies.

One of the candidates said, “I have already rejected Infosys’ and Wipro’s offers. I’m waiting for Capgemini’s onboarding for a long time.”

“I have also sent emails to them, they just give some auto-generated reply,” the candidate added.

 “I have offers from Infosys, Wipro, and Capgemini, given to me as early as September 2021. It has been over 12 months however they hold suspending the onboarding date. My father is a daily-wage employee, I’m unable to earn for the household regardless of having offers from three multinational firms. A complete 12 months of my life has been wasted,” the candidate told Business Today.

A job claimant said to the media, “My family was so joyful when I got an offer from Infosys for Systems Engineer on April 22. I used to be relieved that I will pay again my schooling mortgage however 6 months have handed, and so they hold delaying my date of becoming a member of.”

On delayed onboarding, Infosys responded, “Please be informed that we are allocating DOJ based on our business requirement. We will send you a joining communication at least 2-3 weeks prior to your joining date”,

“It has been 12 months since I was selected for HCL. They onboarded the subsequent batch of candidates, however, there is no update regarding the onboarding of my batch,” a techie stated.

One more techie said It’s been a year since I got placed at HCL Tech.” and further added, “They are not giving me a proper date of joining, they are not even responding to my queries.”

Talking about the delay in onboarding, a job claimant at Tech Mahindra said that the company has cancelled candidature months after sending out letter of intent (LOI).

“I was selected in Tech Mahindra and received LOI in March this year. Additionally, they assigned me training programs and I did the required coaching with no pay. Someday later they emailed me that my LOI stands cancelled,” the techie said to the media.

Recently Premji created a ripple in IT circles by claiming that Wipro had fired 300 employees for moonlighting.

Earlier this month, Infosys shot off a stern letter — titled “no double lives’ — to employees, saying: “No two-timing — no moonlighting!” It cited clauses in the offer letter to drive home the point.


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