Infosys Springboard offers free digital and life skills program to students

Infosys Springboard – free Digital Literacy Certificate program for students
Infosys Springboard takes advantage of Infosys' 4 decades of rich experience in employee and broad-based student competency development.

Infosys Springboard brings digital and life skills for students from class 6 to lifelong learners in India. … Infosys Springboard takes advantage of Infosys’ 4 decades of rich experience in employee and broad-based student competency development. It is also fully aligned with India’s National Education Policy 2020.

The company said, “The future of India will be shaped by today’s younger generation who need quality education through digital literacy, making them productive and self-reliant citizens,”

“Digital literacy is the skills required to achieve digital competence and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for work, leisure, learning, and communication. It does not replace traditional forms of literacy, instead complements and amplifies the skills that form the foundation of traditional forms.” It added.

Infosys further said, “the Springboard platform allows learners to prepare for emerging jobs and careers. It also helps teachers to collaborate better and allows NGOs to help underprivileged sections of society. Their app is available on Google’s Play Store for Android users and Apple’s App Store for IOS users.”

“Learners can benefit from the knowledgebase and experience of 4 decades of Infosys as an enterprise. We also bring quality content from our partners and leading universities across the world. Content is aligned with New Education policy 2020. Includes soft skills and vocational skills.” It added.

Infosys Springboard Offerings

  1. ‘Catch them Young’  Program to introduce young minds to new technologies and its application in business and day-to-day life.
  2. ‘Daily Coding Classes’ Learners can explore possibility of application of Technologies in real life Java, Python, C#, JavaScript and more..
  3. ‘Spoken English’ Under this offer, students learn to compete in global space, learn spoken English and written English from the industry standard content.
  4. ‘Technology Training’ Under this offer, college students and faculty can learn application of horizon 2 technologies from subject matter experts and Architects.

The process to apply for Infosys Springboard?

  1. Click Here to login and register.
  2. Correctly enter the required details
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and access the courses on the Springboard portal.

Courses on Infosys Springboard

Infosys Springboard offers various courses that are available for free. A few popular courses are; Big data, Robotics, Telecommunications, Machine learning, Internet of things, and Communication, etc.

Students will get used to a myriad of technologies and skills at an early age. Some important skills that they’ll learn are; Financial Literacy, Programming Skills, Digital Skills, E-Safety Tips, etc.

This is an opportunity for young students to learn a lot of skills like communication, programming, basic financial management, etc. This will help students to stay updated with this fast-moving world.

This program will provide a free verified premium certificate by Infosys Springboard and Coursera to all learners. To know more about the application, use this link:


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