Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and others faced outrage in India

Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and others faced outrage in India
According to the company statement on Twitter, the impacted services have recovered and remain stable. but the company is yet to issue a statement on what caused this massive Microsoft outage.

Yesterday, January 25, 2023, several Microsoft services including MS Teams, Outlook, Microsoft 365, and Azure were down for thousands of users in India and users were unable to access Microsoft’s multiple services.

According to the outage tracking website, about 63% of users reported that they were facing issues with the Teams app, 26% reported issues with server connections, and 11% mentioned issues with the website

More than 3,900 incidents of people reporting issues with MS Teams in India.

In response, Microsoft said that it was investigating an outage. According to the users, Microsoft Teams is showing the message, “There was a glitch, and we’re recovering…”

The company said yesterday, “We’re continuing to monitor the recovery across the service and some customers are reporting mitigation. We’re also connecting the service to additional infrastructure to expedite the recovery process.”

“We’re investigating some potential impact on the Exchange Online Service. Further, updates on the Exchange investigation will be available in your admin center under SI# EX502694.” It added the company.

Update: The services are restored. Outlook is working fine now. Commenting on the outage, the company in a tweet wrote, “We’ve isolated the problem to networking configuration issues, and we’re analyzing the best mitigation strategy to address these without causing additional impact.”

According to the latest media reports, the outage seems to be global. during the outage, most users were unable to exchange messages, join calls or use any features of the Team application.

MS Teams, used by more than 280 million people globally, form an integral part of daily operations for businesses and schools, which use the service to make calls, schedule meetings, and organize their workflow.


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