Netflix, Amazon offering upto Rs 7.4 Cr annual salary for AI experts

Netflix, Amazon hiring ChatGPT-like generative AI experts, to pay salaries of up to Rs 7 crore PA
The base pay for this position ranges from $175,000/year in the lowest geographic market up to $340,300/year in our highest geographic market.

Amazon is also actively seeking skilled individuals in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The company has posted a job opportunity for the position of senior manager specializing in applied science and generative AI.

For this role company is seeking an experienced science leader who is adept at a variety of skills; especially in generative AI, computer vision, latent diffusion, and large language models that will accelerate our plans to generate high-quality creatives on behalf of advertisers.

The right candidate will provide science leadership, establish the right direction and vision, build team mechanisms, and foster the spirit of collaboration and innovation within the org. The leader will provide both technical direction as well as manage a sizable team of scientists. The role will have a high degree of executive interaction.

The company compensation reflects the cost of labor across several US geographic markets. The base pay for this position ranges from $175,000/year in the lowest geographic market up to $340,300/year in our highest geographic market. Pay is based on several factors including market location and may vary depending on job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. 

Netflix offers Rs 7.4 Cr annual salary for the position of AI manager

The media company, Netflix is offering a salary package of up to $900,000 (Rs 7,40,33,775) to an Artificial Intelligence product manager.

The company also said in its post, “At Netflix, we carefully consider a wide range of compensation factors to determine your personal top of the market.”

“We rely on market indicators to determine compensation and consider your specific job, skills, and experience to get it right. These considerations can cause your compensation to vary and will also be dependent on your location”, the company added.

The official title of the position is Product Manager – Machine Learning Platform. The applicant will receive a salary typically ranging between $300,000 – $900,000.

Netflix has posted yet another vacancy that involves knowledge of AI in the role of technical director in its Game Studio. 

The company is offering an annual salary of $650,000 (about Rs 5 crore) for it. It is offering a salary ranging between $150,000 – $500,000.


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