PM distributes over 1 lakh appointment letters under Rozgar Mela

PM distributes over 1 lakh appointment letters under Rozgar Mela

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi today has distributed over 1 lakh appointment letters to newly inducted recruits via video conferencing.

Rozgar Mela was held at 47 locations across the country. The recruitments are taking place across Central Government Departments and State Governments/UTs supporting this initiative. 

Rozgar Mela is a step towards the fulfilment of the commitment of the Prime Minister to accord the highest priority to employment generation in the country. Rozgar Mela is expected to leverage further employment generation and provide gainful opportunities to the Youth for their empowerment and direct participation in National Development.

The newly inducted appointees will also get an opportunity to train themselves through Karmayogi Prarambh, an online module on iGOT Karmayogi portal where more than 880 e-learning courses have been made available for ‘anywhere any device’ learning format.

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The Prime Minister said, “Appointment letters are being handed out to more than 1 lakh recruits and congratulated them and their families on the occasion.”

He underlined that the campaign to provide job opportunities to the youth in the Government of India is continuing in full swing.

He said, “It has led to equal opportunities for every youth in showcasing their capabilities. “Today, every youth believes that they can cement their job position with hard work and skills.”

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi mentioned new markets, expansion of tourism, new businesses, and the creation of lakhs of jobs due to improved connectivity.

The Prime Minister said, “As 11 lakh crore rupees have been marked for investment in infrastructure in the recent Budget. New rail, road, airports, and waterways projects will create new job opportunities.”

In October, 2023 under Rozgar Mela Prime Minister (PM) Shri Narendra Modi will distribute more than 51,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits.

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