TCS asked employees to work from office at least 3 days a week

TCS asks employees to work in office for at least three days a week
Now, In reference to an internal mail shared with employees, TCS has asked employees to work in the office for at least three days a week.

Recently, India’s largest IT services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) also took social media platforms to convince employees to return to work from the office.

The company has shared on Facebook and Instagram certain expressive posts and videos about working from the office.

Now, In reference to an internal mail shared with employees, TCS has asked its employees to work in the office for at least three days a week.

A TCS spokesperson said that employees will be working according to the roster. The roster will be done based on project requirements. It will include both freshers and experienced professionals. However, there is no deadline for the return-to-office plan.

“Senior leaders of TCS have been working from TCS offices for a while now and our customers are also visiting TCS offices… Your respective managers will now roster you to work from the TCS office for at least 3 days in a week,” the company said in the mail.

“Adherence to rostering is mandatory and will be tracked… any noncompliance will be taken seriously, and administrative measures may be applied”, the company mail added.

“All employees have been advised to return to the base locations where they were operating before the pandemic. Those employees who have sought and got transfers will operate from the changed locations,” a TCS spokesperson said.

HoweverRajesh Gopinathan, CEO and MD, TCS said in the press conference on July 8, “On an immediate basis, we’ll continue to drive the return to office mode because as you have said the 25 by 25 plan needs to be executed in a more controlled manner and it needs to be you know so the path to that will first involve getting back to a more normal working environment and then getting back getting to the permanent hybrid environment.”

“So, this 20% we’ll keep on subject to of course anything else, but we will keep on driving that 20% back to our regular ones definitely well above 50-60, 70-80-mark kind of as we go forward. We should see steady progress on it every month from now on”, Rajesh Gopinathan added.

The company has been operating under the 25/25 model will be implemented. Under the 25X25 model, employees will not be required to work more than 25% of the time. Only 25% of staff in project teams can be co-located.

“This model will require no more than 25% of our associates to work from an office at any given point in time, and they need not spend more than 25% of their time in the office. But an important part of the journey to the 25/25 model is to first bring people back to physical offices and gradually transition into the hybrid work model” The company said on the 25X25 model.

TCS has added 14,136 employees in the April to June quarter with a total workforce of 6,06,331 employees globally and women account for 35.5 percent of the TCS workforce.


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