TCS launches SaaS-based AVR Platform to secure from Cyber Risk

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TCS launches SaaS-based AVR Platform to secure enterprises from Cyber Risk

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a SaaS-based Automated Vulnerability Remediation platform that helps enterprises stay one step ahead of malicious attacks by identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in their software libraries and proactively fixing them.

The Automated Vulnerability Remediation platform helps enterprises build and execute a contextual, risk-focused and effective vulnerability management program, helping them decide on the right remediation approach across assets, across common vulnerabilities and patching. The platform also helps enterprises set vulnerability tolerance levels.

The platform provides inventory analysis, building a business and technical context around assets and driving consolidation; helps prioritize risks and vulnerabilities according to the business unit, location, and asset type; tracks SLAs and KPIs, identifying and analyzing assets that don’t comply with internal SLAs; and automates vulnerability remediation.

It helps enterprises map their business functions and processes, set SLAs for vulnerabilities, and take appropriate mitigation measures, says TCS.

The platform of TCS provides role-based access to C-suite and board level executives, who can directly leverage the real time insights received through the user-friendly dashboard and reports, to review and fine tune the risk strategy.

The SaaS-based delivery model offers enterprises a quick start to a robust and scalable remediation program with minimal upfront capex investment. It is built on a plug-and-play API driven architecture with out-of-the-box integration capabilities with leading asset inventory systems (both on-premise and cloud), commercial and open source security controls, patch management tools, and ticketing systems.


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