Toyota Kirloskar Motor employees’ union calls off strike

Toyota Kirloskar Motor announces measures to support employees amid COVID-19 pandemic
In the event of an unfortunate demise of any employee, there is a participative scheme in place to provide compensation equivalent to about 3.5 years' wages for workmen as per the employee category.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor employees’ union calls off strike

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) employees’ union has officially called off the ongoing labour strike at its factory in Karnataka’s Bidadi, the company confirmed on Tuesday. A majority of members from a total of 3,350 employees had already voluntarily resumed work earlier.

“The labour strike that has been continuing has now officially come to an end today. TKM is very grateful to the government of Karnataka and the Department of Labour, who have played a crucial role in facilitating the reconciliation between all parties,” said TKM in an official statement.

Furthermore, on March 1, TKM has accepted the undertaking given by Union leaders on behalf of the members that was presented by them to the government.

The company has also made a final appeal to all the other members to return to work by March 5, and ensure synergies based on mutual trust for the future and to respect the terms of their mutual understanding.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor had declared a lock-out at its manufacturing plant in Karnataka’s Bidadi after workers’ union resorted to an “illegal” sit-in strike at the premises to protest against the suspension of a worker, a company spokesperson said earlier


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