Twitter engineer fired for helping coworkers who faced layoffs

Twitter engineer fired for helping coworkers who faced layoffs
If the NLRB issues a complaint against Twitter and ultimately rules for Emmanuel Cornet, it could order that he be reinstated with backpay, and the company posts a notice informing employees of their rights under federal labor law.

As per Reuters, A former Twitter Inc engineer has accused the company of firing him days after it was acquired by Elon Musk because he developed a tool to allow workers to save important documents in anticipation of mass layoffs.

The former engineer, Emmanuel Cornet in anticipation of mass layoffs developed a Google Chrome extension to allow employees to download emails from their Twitter accounts.

Emmanuel Cornet said the Google Chrome extension would ensure workers could save important documents such as statements reflecting their stock on Twitter, performance reviews, and other human resource documents.

Emmanuel Cornet filed a complaint with the U.S. National Labor Relations Board on Monday claiming he was engaged in protected activity when he shared the software on an internal Twitter messaging channel.

However, Twitter removed the link later that day. According to the complaint, Emmanuel Cornet was fired on the same day that he published the extension and posted a link to it on an internal Twitter messaging channel. As per the complaint he was fired on Nov. 1.

Final Resulting

If the NLRB files a complaint against Twitter and ultimately rules in Cornet’s favour, it may order that the company post a notice informing workers of their rights under federal labour law and that Cornet be reinstated with back pay.

Twitter Earlier Movements

Earlier, The microblogging and social networking service, Twitter sacked close to 3,700 people. Some of those who were laid off have been asked to return as they were fired by error.

Others were let go before management realized that their work and experience may be necessary to build the new features Elon Musk envisions, the people said.

Twitter has fired the majority of its over 200 employees in India as part of mass layoffs across the globe ordered by its new owner Elon Musk who is looking to make his $44-billion acquisition work.

According to sources, the lay-offs in India were across segments such as policy, communication, engineering, and development. The entire marketing and communications department in India has been sacked.


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