Virtusa Introduces 24/7 COVID-19 Care Portal for Employees

Virtusa Introduces 24/7 COVID-19 Care Portal for Employees
The 24/7 COVID-19 Care portal initiative is led by Sundararajan Narayanan, the Chief People Officer of Virtusa, along with other local leaders and volunteers.

Virtusa Introduces 24/7 COVID-19 Care Portal for Employees

Virtusa Corporation, a global provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT services and solutions, today introduced its 24/7 COVID-19 Care portal with personalised features designed to help ensure the safety of employees during the pandemic. 

A unique feature of Virtusa’s COVID-19 initiative includes its personalised approach towards each team member and their families, ensuring no one is left out. With 24/7 live support and assistance, the portal and call centre tracks all queries logged and the data of team members as it relates to vaccinations. 

The 24/7 COVID-19 Care portal initiative is led by Sundar Narayanan, the Chief People Officer of Virtusa, along with other local leaders and volunteers.  “Every day we review the dashboard with our goal being to create a perfect model that introduces more offerings over time to be certain every Virtusan and their family is taken care of,” said Narayanan. “The objective is to build a scalable, replicable and digitised model that can be perfected on the go and used in any crisis situation around the globe.”

In addition to the portal, Virtusa has created a war room to dispense a range of COVID-19 care and services, including pre-and post-COVID-19 care in hospitals, homes, and quarantine centres. Additional help being provided includes transport, medication, food, assistance in procuring hospital beds, ambulances, oxygen cylinders, and homecare. To date the Virtusa team been extremely successful in its efforts to provide assistance where requested.

A critical part of this effort is the makeshift COVID centres that were created for employees in isolated parts of the Virtusa facilities in Chennai and Hyderabad. These facilities are supported by Virtusa staff and medical experts from renowned hospitals in the region. In addition, an active database of Convalescent Plasma Virtusan donors is being maintained. 

“At Virtusa, it is our endeavour to provide the best of care to our Virtusa family. This means that everyone has access to best-in-class healthcare from the safety of their homes,” added Narayanan. “At the same time, we are also committed to exploring new solutions that can address any eventualities that may arise going forward.”

Virtusa has placed orders for oxygen concentrators to be made available for support in medical emergencies. Free online consultation with doctors, nutritionists, and well-being experts are also offered around the clock. In addition, Virtusa is leveraging its employee welfare fund to help with medical exigencies as well as Virtual Connect initiatives for mental and physical well-being that are being offered to any team member in need. All of this while keeping delivery and customer centricity intact.

Earlier, Virtusa conducted a vaccination drive for team members and their families in partnership with hospitals. The company also introduced the Home Quarantine medical insurance policy. 


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