ITC Infotech presents PRARAMBH a learning platform to bridge the gap between Institutes and Industries


ITC Infotech presents ‘Prarambh’, a unique initiative that rapidly bridges the gap between educational institutions and the technology industry in India. It is a holistic platform where students can connect and learn from the best minds in the industry and get feedback.

Suchismita Burman, Chief Human Resources Officer, ITC Infotech said, “At ITC Infotech our goal is to bridge the gap between the lack of skill in the industry and what academia can provide, Prarambh allows students across campuses to log in and interact with the industry experts, by asking real-time industry-relevant questions.”

Prarambh is a socially interactive platform, where students can post videos on learning content, create webinars with students from other campuses and get the answers to their queries, which are provided by the subject experts in the industry.

Suchismita also said, “whatever queries they have forwarded to the relevant experts in the industry, we try to ensure that they are provided responses immediately. The intent is to make the exchange as real-time as possible.”

It is really about learning, it’s about learning as a habit, it is about being agile in the way a person learns, and Prarambh is one of that kind initiative in India. It’s a holistic platform that not only focuses on formal learning but also the informal learning becomes relevant., she added.

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