An ex-staff sues Cognizant for alleged sexual harassment

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Former employee sues Cognizant for alleged sexual harassment: ET Report

According to an ET Report, a former female employee of Cognizant has filed a lawsuit seeking trial against the company in a US district court, naming two executives for alleged sexual harassment and discrimination for reporting of said harassment.

The plaintiff, a former employee, a woman of Hispanic origin, was hired by Cognizant Technology Solutions Service in 2017. She allegedly faced sexual harassment between 2018 and 2019 by two executives, a lawsuit filed in the court of Middle District of Florida says.

The lawsuit added that the former employee had filed an internal complaint with the human resources and compliance departments, after which the matter was not resolved and the complainant faced retaliatory actions, the report said.

“Plaintiff contends that her supervisors sexually harassed her in the workplace, treated her differently than similarly situated employees, and retaliated against her when she reported the discrimination… Plaintiff timely filed a complaint alleging retaliation by defendant Cognizant and exhausted all the administrative remedies,” the lawsuit was quoted as saying.

Additionally, the complainant reportedly faced “sexually explicit language” and “unwelcome sexual advances” at the workplace. The lawsuit also alleges that Cognizant has “a history of sexually assaulting and sexually abusing females in the workplace.”

A spokesperson for Cognizant said in response to ET’s queries on the lawsuit, “This lawsuit is without merit, and we look forward to vigorously defending ourselves in court.”

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