Bridgestone offers employees $100 to vaccinate

Bridgestone rolls out employee psychological wellbeing measures
The company said that the work from home phenomena has no fixed timings leaving little time for employees to organise their work schedule or be with their families.

Bridgestone offers employees $100 to vaccinate

Bridgestone said Wednesday it will offer its 33,000 U.S. employees $100 payments to get vaccinated against COVID-19, joining a group of large companies offering incentives for the shots.

The tire company is also exploring the possibility of similar programs for employees in Canada and Latin America, according to a news release.

Bridgestone has its Americas headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, with employees spread around the country at its tire and retread manufacturing facilities, research and development centers, and 2,200 company-owned tire and automotive service centers.

Bridgestone said it is providing the payments to make it easier for employees to get vaccinated but is not requiring they be vaccinated.

“Bridgestone is providing the $100 support payment to remove barriers for employees who choose to get the vaccine, such as missing work, child care, transportation costs, or other potential obstacles,” the news release states.

A number of other large companies have announced similar programs including Goodlettsville, Tennessee-based Dollar General, which said in January it would give its 157,000 employees the equivalent of four hours of pay if they get the vaccine.


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