CA finalist calls out jobs scam: ‘Goldman Sachs recruiting’

CA Finalist calls out jobs scam on LinkedIn Goldman Sachs recruiting
Ritika Rawat, CA Finalist, recently shared a post saying, "LinkedIn Job Scam!! Yes, you read it right. This is not some clickbait headline."

Most recently, a CA Finalist has pointed out a job scam on LinkedIn.

Ritika Rawat, CA Finalist, recently shared a post saying, “LinkedIn Job Scam!! Yes, you read it right. This is not some clickbait headline.”

“Is the story true? Yes, it is. I experienced it. On 17th Nov 2022, I posted on LinkedIn that I’m looking for a job in the Transfer Pricing domain. My post got viral, thanks to all the people who helped me out. I am grateful for that. So, I got many job offers but they were looking for a Qualified CA”, CA Finalist Ritika added.

“The real story begins here, there was an offer from G M (Will disclose his name in DM only), and he promised that I am already selected at Goldman Sachs (Interview is just for formalities). He also said in case I am not interested in GS then he can also refer my resume to JP Morgan”, she added.

“At first, I was so happy that I was selected without an Interview and was so grateful to him. But my skeptical side was not able to digest that a person at that level (AD) is helping me to get a job in GS. The reason being he was helping a lot and made a blunder in the ID Creation at Goldman Sachs”, she said.

Ritika shared the following, “I would explain to get interviewed, we have to create an ID on the GS website. So, he messaged me on LinkedIn to give my exact address. I was preoccupied with some work so didn’t respond for 5 min. So he checked my contact number in the resume then he called me over WhatsApp and asked for the address. So I sent him my address and other details.”

“Then he asked for a passport-size photograph. I told him to wait as I have to be dressed up and click a perfect photo. That takes maybe 30 min, in the meantime, he replied you Delhi people are so rude you don’t know who you are talking with that’s why I don’t like Delhi people, etc. But I said sorry for being late and sent my passport-size photo.” She said.

“Then my ID got created on the GS website. After a day I noticed that the Job description was for “Associate, Quantitative Engineer”. (Email screenshot attached). So, I questioned him about this, he replied that the email was a mistake, and I would be interviewed for TP only. Still, I was not convinced and argued a lot about everything”, Ritika added

Ritika said, “Then I searched on google about Job scams then I found out there are a lot of victims of Job scams.”

•It is done in the following way:

A. You will receive a msg that your CV has been shortlisted.

B. Real ID will be created on the GS portal. (Confirmation will be sent from GS’s original email id)

C. Then for the Interview you will receive a Meeting link from a Fake email address

D. After 2 rounds of interviews you will be selected for those fake Interviews

E. They will inform you that you are selected but for joining you have to pay 40-50k for other joining formalities and that will be reimbursed to you during your job

“Many candidates will pay the amount as they think they were originally interviewed by Goldman Sachs (GS) only”, she added.

Jobseekers should be careful while applying for any opportunities or even accepting any job.


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