COVID-19 Impact: Oyo adopts hybrid workplace model

OYO Hotels & Homes announces new appointments and elevations
Ankit succeeds Anil Goel, a distinguished leader, who has decided to pursue opportunities outside of the organisation. He will, however, continue to counsel OYO as an advisor.

OYO adopts hybrid workplace model, committed to employee safety, health and wellness

As COVID-19 pandemic impact, Hospitality major OYO Hotels & Homes on Tuesday said that it has permanently moved to a ‘hybrid workplace model’ that involved a combination of work from home, or from co-working spaces, for the foreseeable future.

The company said in a statement, “Employee safety, health, and well-being top the list of priorities for the company. The hybrid model ensures to give options to the workforce as the states come out of lockdown to maintain social distancing norms and provide flexibility in the working hours which in return has resulted in a noticeable improvement in overall productivity.”

Dinesh Ramamurthi, Chief HR Officer, Oyo said, “We have adopted a hybrid workplace model to meet the evolving needs of the current and future workforce.” The current situation is a testament that employee efficiency is greater than actual physical presence, he added.

“While the field staff is already stepping out and attending office following all the health and safety protocols, our corporate employees and capability functions are also fully operational, and are opting for a combination of work from home and working from flexible co-working spaces solutions,” he said.

“The Co-working industry is seeing more companies opting for the availability of flexible office solutions & Co-working models to reduce long term blockage of capital in leases and furniture. Going forward, work from home options will increase however; there’s an opportunity for co-working players like ours where companies are collaborating with us to develop work from home units as well. Once the lockdown eases and as the workforce returns, adoption of the nearest Co-working offices for employees is also going to increase,” said Dr. Ritesh Malik, Founder, Innov8, while commenting on the adoption of co-working spaces as part of the hybrid workplace model.



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