Deloitte plans to double India workforce in 2-3 years

Deloitte is hiring for multiple positions in India
Most jobs are for Accounting & Auditing/ Analyst/ Senior Analyst/ Consultant role. The company is looking for both lateral and campus hiring across the country.

Deloitte plans to double India workforce in 2-3 years, says CEO Punit Renjen

Deloitte will double its 55,000 strong workforce in India over the next 2-3 years Deloitte’s Global CEO Punit Renjen said at the 18th edition of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on Thursday.

Renjen said to Mint, “We have 55,000 individuals who serve the most prominent clients and government in India and the world from India. We have centres in Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Pune that serve the world. Our plan over the next two to three years is to double that workforce. It is partly because of the talent arbitrage opportunity,”

Renjen said that the global business leaders do see India’s potential as they rework their business strategies for the new normal created by the pandemic. “This is the Indian century. Many are bullish about India,” he said, referring to the talent pool and demographic dividend India has.

“Every business and the chief executive officer I speak to are going to reassess and re-engineer their supply chains. It is an opportunity for India. India aspires to be a $5 trillion economy. We are certainly fully on board with that notion. I think it is an opportunity for India to get some of the supply chain to relocate to India,” said Renjen.

Deloitte is evolving a hybrid model of online and offline working practices. “We have 800 offices globally in 150 countries. Will we need 800 offices? Probably not. Will 300,000 people work remotely? No. But we will work in a hybrid way. The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work,” he said referring to changing work and consumption habits.

He said that globalisation will stay although its rules will change. “Globalisation on the net has been a real positive for the global community. But the rules of globalisation are certainly going to change,” he said.


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