HCL has successfully completed ‘Women Lead’ initiative in the Nordics

HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra expand COVID-19 support efforts for staff
HCL said in a statement that its COVID Care Support initiatives involve providing assistance to meet immediate needs for employees and family members who test COVID positive.

HCL has successfully completed ‘Women Lead’ initiative in the Nordics

HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, has celebrated the successful completion of its global ‘Women Lead’ initiative in the Nordics. HCL’s global diversity and inclusivity programme, designed to empower aspiring women in their leadership careers through exclusive 1:1 mentoring, was celebrated with a virtual graduation ceremony.

HCL’s global programme has achieved three successful chapters in Australia prior to launching the first chapter in the Nordics. Participants from several leading enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, were helped to develop a ‘Circle of Influence’, emerging with a powerful and influential business network for aspiring women leaders to call upon once they graduate. This provides them with guidance and advice to help them shape their aspirations and strategies and support their career development and upward progression.

Women Lead Nordics was launched in February this year and following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, participants showed great agility and willingness to move mentoring sessions, presentations, and networking events online. In addition to learning from the experiences of the CXO-level industry leaders, the initiative instilled further commitment and necessary behaviours among the mentees required to successfully navigate towards senior positions of leadership

For next-generation enterprises like HCL, such diversity and inclusivity initiatives are essential to contribute to a fairer and more prosperous future for women leaders. By encouraging and supporting women in their leadership careers through initiatives like Women Lead, HCL takes an active role in their development.


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