HCL to double headcount in smaller towns in next 2-3 years

HCL Tech to hire 20,000 people in the next 4-6 months: CEO C Vijayakumar
PTI | During its third quarter earnings briefing, Vijayakumar had said a combination of a strong pipeline and good order booking gave HCL Technologies a lot of optimism about the growth trajectory.

According to a Economic Times report, HCL Technologies is planning to double its headcount in smaller towns, including fresh hires and relocation of existing employees over a two-three year period.

CEO C Vijayakumar said, “The smaller towns in focus include Lucknow, Madurai, Nagpur, and Vijayawada. In the light of COVID-19, we have been able to leverage some of these locations very well to tide over local pandemic flare-ups. So having more people in smaller locations has been very helpful.”

He added, these locations which are called New Vistas, would probably double over the next two years or three years.

“The company already has close to 10,000 employees working in these places, the expansion will be a mix of both – some people will move from prime (locations) to New Vistas, and we will also hire freshers into the workforce,” he said.

Vijayakumar said, pointing out these locations fared better in tackling cases, while the decision also gives employees the leeway to move back to their hometowns – where they feel safer and be close to family.

The country’s third-largest software services company HCL has since 2016 opened centres in these small towns to create a more resilient global network, stabilise operations, and control attrition.

Notably, 90 percent of HCL’s 4.3 million workforces in India have shifted to work-from-home since March and many have already migrated to their hometowns during the period.

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