Infosys to adapt a hybrid workplace model

Infosys to start work for its IT hub in Kolkata
PTI | The project will generate massive employment in the IT sector, chief minister Mamata Banerjee said after a cabinet meeting at the state secretariat.

Work from home: Infosys to adapt hybrid workplace model

The country’s second-largest IT services firm, Infosys is looking at a hybrid model, where some portion of the employees will work from home (WFH) and office in the coming months, said UB Pravin Rao, COO, Infosys.

According to a Monycontrol report, speaking at the 39th Infosys AGM, UB Pravin Rao said, “What we are looking at is a model, where some of our employees will continue to work from home and others from office.”

“But it is too early to say how many will work from office in the future,” he added.

“Work from home model has not impacted the productivity of employees so far. Depending on the client requirements and projects, a flexible work from home option for employees will be introduced”, he said

Until the end of June 2020, in Infosys, 93 percent of the employees are working from home and 7 percent from office and the company is in no hurry to bring the employees back to work. Infosys said that it will focus on introducing a ‘flexible work from home model’ for its employees permanently.

In an interview with ET, Krish Shankar, Group Head-HR of Infosys said, the future world will be a hybrid of ‘remote’ and ‘physical’ work. The company is focusing on enabling employees to reskill and upskill to make them future-ready, he added

As opposed to Infosys’ hybrid model Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had earlier said that it is looking at 75% of its employee base 4.48 lakh to permanently work from home by 2025. Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran had termed it as ‘Guesstimate’.

Kanchana Krishnan, Senior Director, JLL India, a real estate consultancy firm, said that majority of the workforce are middle-class families who might not be able to invest to create a workstation at home. All of these would make WFH difficult in a long run, she added.

The ideal method would be a mix where the company offers employees the flexibility to do both, experts added.


  1. Five from every project should be there in the office Plus the DM . No need of rest to come . The physical presence is needed for the architects and Track leads , Business Analysts and Strategy makers Like DM and Unit Heads BU heads etc . Developers, Data Base Admin Security Admin Consultants Quality Analysts PMO Project managers Transition and Program Managers don’t need to come .


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