No pay cut in April for employees, says IndiGo

IndiGo reverses plan to cut salaries of employees, drops March decision

After the Government’s interference, IndiGo reverses plan to cut salaries of employees, drops March decision

On April 23, in an e-mail, Ronojoy Dutta, CEO IndiGo said employees “In deference to our Government’s wishes of not reducing pay during the lockdown, we have decided not to implement the previously announced pay cuts during the month of April,”

“However, your Excom members and SVPs have volunteered to take pay cuts this month. For everyone else, you can expect your April salaries to be paid without the pay cuts,” he added.

“All staff, except seniors executives who have volunteered for pay cuts, will get full salary for April”

In his March mail to employees, IndiGo announced steep pay cuts for employees across the board, including pilots and crews, as Dutta said the survival of the industry was at stake. According to that plan, eight senior vice-presidents were to take a 20 percent cut, while vice-presidents and pilots would see a reduction of 10 percent in their salaries.

Dutta added that the company had just one source of revenue at the moment, its cargo operations.

All major Indian airlines including SpiceJet, GoAir, Vistara, and AirAsia India have initiated pay cuts for a section of their employees. SpiceJet cut salaries by 10-30% in March across the top and mid rung employees.

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