Noida authority grants permission to around 850 companies, projects to resume work

HCL Tech to hire 20,000 people in the next 4-6 months: CEO C Vijayakumar
PTI | During its third quarter earnings briefing, Vijayakumar had said a combination of a strong pipeline and good order booking gave HCL Technologies a lot of optimism about the growth trajectory.

The companies operating in Noida are gearing up to resume to their work after due permission was granted by the city authorities.

Noida authority has given permission to around 850 eligible companies to operate with around 57,000 staff/ labour.

Talking to ANI, Ritu Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer of Noida Authority said that companies including Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, HCL, Haldiram were given permission to start their work.

She said that companies who got permission are allowed to bring raw material from outside Noida.

She said that around 20 builder projects allowed construction with 3300 labours and around 50 other industry/commercial construction were also allowed with around 3000 labours.

She further added that around 30 projects have been given permissions to work with around 650 labour.

According to Noida Authority CEO, around 1600 applications rejected so far as they are ineligible and come under the containment zone.

She further said that the administration should take notice of this problem. She said that many factories in Noida bring raw materials from Haryana, but as the Delhi-Gurugram and Delhi-Faridabad borders are sealed we will face the issue of raw materials.

R K Arora, Chairman, Supertech, and President Naredco Uttar Pradesh said that his company has got the permission of some of their projects in Noida and Gurugram. Supertech has around 28 projects running in Noida, Greater Noida, and Gurugram.

He said that construction work has been started in their projects where his company got permission from local authorities.

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