Over 98% employees continue WFH at TCS, Wipro and Infosys

Companies Switching to Permanent Work From Home
TCS announced that a whopping 75% of its 4.48 lakh employees globally will work from home by 2025. The Company has announced the way for 25 by 25 vision—by 2025

Over 98% employees at TCS, Wipro and Infosys continue Work From Home

In order to maintain social distancing, India’s major IT service providers like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys and Wipro are continuing WFH up to 99 percent of their employees. While Tech Mahindra and HCL plan to bring 20-25% workforce back in office.

Responding to SightsIn Plus Saurabh Govil, President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Wipro Ltd said: “Majority of our workforce (over 98%) continues to operate from home as of now. We do see merit in people coming to office to experience the culture and build social capital via informal interactions. However, in these circumstances, our first priority is employee safety. We have implemented multiple safeguards for employees who are required to work from office such as zoning protocols, distant seating, isolation rooms, sanitization etc but we are enabling employees to WFH as much as possible. We must understand that we are yet to see the new normal.”

“Today a lot of actions are guided by fear/ safety and motivation for action will change once a cure/vaccine is found. As the pandemic subsides we forecast a hybrid model coming into existence. Even in a hybrid setup, there will be roles that always need to work from the office and roles that can work from wherever. Our plan will depend on the model and client requirements. We must also consider the employee perspective here. There is an implicit assumption that all employees are fine with working from home and would prefer that. This may not be true in a post-pandemic scenario.” Govil said.

Most of IT companies are adapting to the new normal with extended WFH. TCS has envisaged a ‘Vision 25*25’ policy where it aims to have only 25% of its employees work from its facilities by 2025. Infosys and Wipro too, have said that they will adopt a hybrid model of work to help build social capital. 


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