Tech Mahindra rolled out ‘New Age Delivery’ (NAD) platform

Tech Mahindra converts its office cafeteria into a Covid care facility collaboration with Fortis
There are 40 beds in the cafeteria, of which 35 are occupied. However, the facility is not well equipped to handle critical patients. But it has a basic medical infrastructure to help patients with mild infections recuperate in case they can’t get a hospital bed.

Tech Mahindra rolled out its ‘New Age Delivery’ (NAD) platform for employees.

At a time when work from home is the new normal, Tech Mahindra rolled out it’s New Age Delivery’ (NAD) platform with a new feature to power remote and secure working globally.

NAD fuels the entire software delivery conveyor with platforms for planning, contextual right skilling, design thinking, asset curation & reuse, monitoring and tracking, and a cloud-committed development arena. It delivers a new age experience that powers business agility during COVID by optimizing software planning time up to 40%, around 20% reduction in operational-expenses, 25% upwards of cost-saving.

As per Express Computer report, smart planning is a regimented and intelligent feature for remote teams to plan effectively and efficiently. While the platform embraces the approach of transformation from ‘build’ to ‘reuse and deploy’ to reduce rework thus resulting in effort and time optimization in product planning and delivery. 

Meanwhile, smart planning features the NAD engine that allows teams working remotely to automate and templatize its planning and monitoring methods for daily work management, Express Computer further reported. 

Further highlighting its benefits, the global technology teams can easily:

  • Automate requirement gathering
  • Product backlog fulfilment
  • Plan releases
  • Monitor on one single dashboard through their new smart planning feature.

Abhijit Lahiri, Head of New Age Delivery, Tech Mahindra, said, “Leaders today are reimagining their business operations to ensure safe and secure service delivery in the ‘new normal’ of remote working. Our smart planning feature, which is an extension of our New Age Delivery engine as part of our TechMNxT charter, addresses all these challenges while also revolutionizing product planning and delivery conveyor.”

“The platform being artificial intelligence-enabled is intelligent enough to constantly guide the project teams for the optimum flight path for execution. Apart from the planning and monitoring, the platform also enables the program team to govern the status of various ongoing program execution with digital command center, enabled by various personas of the ecosystem,” Lahiri added.  


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