Top career trends that are on the rise in 2021

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Gaining a degree is no longer considered ‘essential’ for success in an era where ‘abandonment’ has become ‘fashionable’ due to the ‘glaring’ achievements of ‘dropouts’, who continue to receive ‘rock star’ status in the startup world.

Top career trends that are on the rise in 2021, LinkedIn

LinkedIn has launched a new ‘Jobs on the Rise’ list of 15 fastest-growing career trends, and the list for 2021 can be found here. While several industries struggle to survive during these challenging times, a few professions have seen increased demand since the crisis. Such job roles are not only trending in 2020 but are also going to shape the future. Let’s deep dive into knowing more about them.

Below are the top career trends that are on the Rise in 2021

  • Freelance content creators (Podcaster, Creative writer, Youtuber)
  • Social Media and digital marketing roles (Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist, Growth Hacker)
  • Marketing roles (Brand Associate, Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Networking Marketing Specialist)
  • Business Development and Sales roles (Business Development Associate, Sales Team Lead, Strategic Advisor)
  • Specialized Engineering roles (Network Expert, Software Engineering Specialist, Back End Developer)
  • Finance roles (Equity Trader, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, Treasurer)
  • Education roles (Academic Advisor, Admissions Officer, Curriculum Developer)
  • Artificial Intelligence roles (Machine Learning Specialist, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer)
  • E-commerce roles (Online Specialist, Ecommerce Coordinator)
  • Cybersecurity roles (Security Researcher, Cybersecurity Specialist)
  • Data science roles (Data Science Specialist, Analytics Consultant, Data Analyst)
  • Healthcare roles (Medical Officer, Psychologist)
  • Human resources roles (Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Coordinator)
  • User experience designer roles (User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer)
  • Customer service roles (Customer Service Specialist)

Top 5 job trends based on this year’s list

  1. Brands and individuals are engaging audiences online– India’s top Job on the Rise features freelance content creators, who use creative storytelling skills to produce entertaining content across a range of channels such as podcasts, videos, and social media posts to name a few. Freelance content creators, marketing, and social media & digital marketing roles will present broader opportunities for the workforce in 2021.
  1. Cybersecurity is critical to a digital-first future– Cybersecurity and Data science roles will continue to rise as data safety becomes a key priority for consumers and organizations alike. Specialized engineering roles, Artificial Intelligence roles, cybersecurity roles, and data science roles will continue to attract recruiter interest as we head deeper into a digital-first future.
  1. COVID-19 is accelerating emerging tech solutions– As the EdTech, HealthTech, and FinTech sectors continue to experience a significant digital overhaul, professionals who can pivot to digital-based operations smoothly will be particularly sought after. Causally, finance, education, healthcare, and e-commerce roles are expected to gain popularity in the job market.
  1. Customer experience is key- The disruption of COVID-19 has fuelled demand for customer services roles as brands navigate customer concerns and adapt to how they deliver their services online. User experience designer roles and customer service roles will be critical in helping organizations forge stronger and enduring relationships with customers in this turbulent scenario.
  1. Lifelong learning will keep talent ahead of the curve- The rise of tech means all talent now needs to master basic digital skills to stay ahead of the game. While roles in Human Resources, and Sales and Business Development still rely on the same core skills, they will require additional digital tools to boost performance.


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