Volvo launches “Volvo for All – Equal Opportunity Employer Policy” free from any discrimination

Volvo Car India offers term insurance coverage of up to Rs 10 lakh to employees at its dealerships
Commenting on the initiative, Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director, Volvo Car India said dealer employees play a crucial role in customer satisfaction as they are usually the first interface that Volvo customers have with the company.

Volvo launches “Volvo for All – Equal Opportunity Employer Policy” free from any discrimination

Thursday, 3 December, on the occasion of “International Day of Persons with Disabilities’, Volvo has launched “Volvo for All – Equal Opportunity Employer Policy” at Volvo Group India.

According to this new policy, All employees shall have equal opportunities based on competencies, experience and performance regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, union affiliation, social back- ground or ethnic origin. All employees shall be treated with respect.

Announcing the policy on LinkedIn, Amit Sharma, CHRO, Volvo India said, “This policy reaffirms our commitment to provide a workplace, which is free from any discrimination and provide equal opportunity to all, based on capability and irrespective of the backgrounds. Employment decisions like hiring, pay, title, promotion, discipline, termination, or working conditions be based on a person’s ability or performance, and not on any other personal factors.”

“Through the Equal Opportunity Employer Policy, we remain the employer of choice of current the Volvo Group employees to become the employer of choice for our future talent”, he added.

Volvo is ensuring that its facilities are friendly for differently abled persons and It takes care of their unique needs. This is another step forward towards Volvo’s Aspiration of “Being the most admired employer in our industry”.


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