COVID-19: ESIC expedites Payments to these beneficiaries

ESIC scheme adds 9.33 lakh new members in November
PTI | The latest data is part of a report released by the National Statistical Office (NSO).

ESIC decides for Prompt payment of Permanent Disablement Benefit (PDB) and Dependent Benefit (PB) to beneficiaries by ESI Corporation during the COVID -19 pandemic within a month.

Keeping in view the COVID-19 epidemic, ESIC has issued directions to all Regions and Sub-region Heads to disburse the Permanent disablement benefit and dependent benefits to the Insured persons (IPs) and their dependents every month. All regions and Sub-regions have been constantly disbursing the monthly payments for PDB & DB to Insured Persons and their dependents without fail during entire COVID-19 period besides conduct of regular Medical Board to access the loss in earning capacity of Insured Persons.

In Rajasthan, a Medical Board was arranged at Model Hospital, Jaipur for 48 ESIC Insured Person suffering from Occupational Diseases like silicosis/byssinosis working at Pindawada Distt. Sirohi, Rajasthan. Prior to that, another medical board was also arranged to examine Insured Persons suffering from Occupational Diseases. It is worth mentioning that all the 48 Insured Persons were first tested for COVID-19 test before conducting medical board. As per Medical Boards decision, Permanent disablement benefit was started to 85 beneficiaries found be suffering from Occupational  Diseases

Besides it, Dependent Benefit payment to dependents of six deceased Insured Persons who died due to silicosis/byssinosis has also been started in this month.

In addition to above, 5 death cases due to employment injury have also been approved within a short period of one month on the priority basis and a decision to make dependent benefit payment to the family members of deceased Insured Persons has already been taken by Regional Office, Jaipur.


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