EPFO added a new online feature to make Transfer and Claim process simpler


According to a Livemint report, The EPFO has launched a new online feature ‘date of exit’ on the EPF portal wherein employees can update their date of exit for the previous organizations they have worked with.

The date of exit needs to be updated on the EPFO portal for employees to transfer the funds online in case they are changing jobs or to make claims in case they are unemployed for more than two months.

Earlier, only employers could update the date of exit on the EPFO platform but now EPF account holders can now update exit date online after changing jobs.

Be aware that the date of exit can only be updated after two months of leaving the job. Also, the date of exit can be any date in the month in which the last contribution was made by the previous employer.

An EPFO official said that the new feature is based on the Aadhaar-based one-time password (OTP). “It can only be utilized by those who have linked their EPF account with a verified Aadhaar number. And the accounts should be linked to the Universal Account Number (UAN). Also, the mobile number should be linked to the Aadhaar number on which the OTP will be sent for verification,”

Earlier, an employee was dependent on the employers for updating the exit date. At times, the employee doesn’t leave an organization on a happy note or may not have the contact number of the previous employer. In such cases, it becomes difficult for employees to get the exit date updated,” he added.

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