Maternity Benefit Act: Experts Recommend Extending Paternity Leaves

Maternity Benefit Act Experts recommend extending paternity leaves
Extending paternity leaves to reduce the burden of raising children on mothers, incentivising employers were among the recommendations made by experts, the NCW said

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has organized the final Law review consultation on Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, and the 2017 amendment.

Some of the important suggestions made by the panellists are:

  • Extend the paternity leaves so that the burden of raising the child is shared equally between both the parents
  • Incentivising employers.
  • Sensitization of the corporate sector to employ more women workers.

These were among the recommendations made by experts at the Final Law Review Consultation on the Maternity Benefit Act.

The NCW said in a statement, “It invited legal experts, lawyers, and academicians to deliberate upon the real challenges and technical issues faced by women workers.”

“The meeting was aimed at reviewing and analyzing the legislation affecting women and recommending amendments to meet any lacunae, inadequacies, and shortcomings.” It added.

The NCW further said, “The experts also discussed the issue of women working in the unorganised sector, a provision of crèche facility on a case-to-case basis rather than number of employees and the scope for incentives for employers.”

Through the consultation, the commission sought the views, suggestions, and opinions of experts and stakeholders from all over the country.


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