Millions of gig workers set to get health coverage and other benefits soon: PSC


The inclusion of “gig workers” in new labour laws, offering millions of informal workers of companies like Uber, Ola, Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, etc benefits such as health insurance and other schemes, is set to be okayed by Parliament’s standing committee on labour which concluded its discussions on 9th Jan 2020, Thursday.

In its brief to the committee, headed by BJD MP Bhartruhari said, the new definitions have been included by the government to cater the emerging aggregator platforms and other gig workers. The code on social security seeks to extend the coverage of employees state insurance corporation act across India and to all establishments employing 10 or more employees.

These measures will pave way for extending social security for medical services, sickness and maternity benefits as also dependent pension and employee compensation. While, the thresholds for ESIC, provident fund, gratuity and maternity benefits can be fixed through notifications rather than amendments of specific acts. He added

According to News24, Currently, under the unorganised workers social security act, 2008, there is no provision of electronic registration of workers. In a new proposal, an unorganized worker will need to submit a self-declaration electronically or in a form to an authority prescribed by the government.

A registered unorganized worker will be assigned a unique number based on Aadhaar. Stiff fines have been also proposed, which can be 10 times extra as compared to previous rates.

There is also a provision of prior warning for improvement and along with complying with the new code. The news codes are likely to be discussed and voted on in the second half of the budget session.


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