After Byju’s, Ed-tech firm FrontRow also lays off 75% workforce

Another ed-tech firm layoffs 130 employees post-Byju’s 
Recently, A global ed-tech company, Byju’s said that is planning to lay off nearly 5 percent of the workforce or 2,500 employees.

Bengaluru-based ed-tech startup FrontRow, a learning platform for non-academic skills has laid off 30 employees nearly 75 percent of its workforce.

The company has sacked employees from the departments including the engineering, product, sales, and marketing teams.

Ishaan Preet Singh, co-founder of FrontRow said, “We’re extremely proud of the team that got together to build the future of non-academic learning, and worked tirelessly and built some of the most exciting learning products that exist.”

“Unfortunately, as we realized that a sales and marketing-led approach to this market didn’t work with our current delivery model, we had to let go a large part of our team”, Ishaan Preet Singh added.

Earlier, it was reported that FrontRow laid off about 145 full-time and contractual employees in May this year. Post the second round of layoff headcount has reduced to about 45 people.

FrontRow is a learning and community platform focused on creative arts and sports that enables everyone to pursue their passions. The company offers classes taught by celebrities in fields such as music, cricket, or comedy, paired with a community platform that gives learners regular activities, competitions, and peer engagement to practice and showcase their talent.

Recently, A global ed-tech company, Byju’s said that is planning to lay off nearly 5 percent of the workforce, or 2,500 employees. The company said the layoffs are a step to cut costs and achieve overall profitability. It added that lay off of employees will be across the departments to cut costs. The layoffs will not happen immediately but will happen over six months.

Ed-tech startups Unacademy, Vedantu, FrontRow, Lido, and Frontrow among others have cumulatively retrenched thousands of employees this year.

In June, WhiteHat Jr and Toppr combined laid off about 500 employees. Earlier this year, edtech unicorn Unacademy laid off more than 1,000 employees.


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