Bengaluru-based startup fired employees helping find new jobs

Bengaluru-based startup fired employees helping find new jobs
Sambhav Jain founder of the Bengaluru-based startup fintech app Fam shared a Tweet from his official Twitter handle saying the information of the layoff.

Sambhav Jain and Kush Taneja, co-founders of Bengaluru-based startup fintech app Farm has announced the layoff of 18 employees.

Sambhav Jain shared a Tweet from his official handle with the information about the layoff. The company has asked recruiters to get in touch for the relevant profiles and referrals.

Sambhav Jain Tweet said, “One of the most difficult things to do as a founder is to let people go. Today was a tough day as we had to let go of 18 members of the Fam across functions. Parting ways is never easy, especially for a people-first organization like ours, where everyone is emotionally connected.”

“Apart from all the things we’ve done and accomplished as a company, the thing that I and @iamkushtaneja are most proud of is the super passionate team that we have built over the years”, the tweet added.

The tweet further said, “Given the shift in focus of the company from hyper-growth to sustainability, we wouldn’t have been able to provide these people with a role in the company that could justify their personal growth, could fuel the fire to their passion, and most importantly joy at work.”

“We have all the compassion for them and are confident that these people will build amazing things wherever they go, and wish everyone the best in life. If you’re looking to hire people in EPD and Growth functions, please DM. Will be happy to share and refer relevant profiles”, the tweet concluded.

The Tweet has started getting replies One of the Twitter users Prathamesh Dembla (@pratham_pd) replied, “Hi@_SambhavJain_ – sorry to hear this.”

“I am sure Fampay will come out stronger. We are hiring”, the tweet further said.

“Not able to DM you – apparently only blue tick users can DM you. Can we connect?”, the tweet added.


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