Byju’s asked staff to resign voluntarily after performance review

Byju's layoffs employees asked to resign voluntarily performance review
There are nearly 400 that have been impacted from the mentoring and product expert division and HR have informed about the layoffs.

Byju’s layoffs: India’s largest ed-tech company,  Byju’s asked employees to resign voluntarily after performance review, according to reports.

There are nearly 400 employees who are impacted in mentoring and product expert division and HR has informed about the layoffs.

Employees placed under performance review last month were reportedly asked to resign on August 17.

“The HR gave a call and informed employees that their email addresses will be deactivated within the next two hours and asked them to download pay slips and other important documents,” Mint reported.

A Byju’s spokesperson said, “As part of a periodical performance review, 100 individuals who did not meet expectations after a performance improvement plan, were let go with proper procedures.”

“Please note, this measure is firmly rooted in performance-based considerations and is not in any way a cost-cutting endeavour,” the spokesperson added.

Recently, BYJU’s has appointed former senior executive Infosys, Richard Lobo, to drive the company’s human resource functions.

Infosys former HR head, and executive vice president, Richard Lobo resigned from the company on Friday, August 4, 2023. Earlier, he was moved to a special projects team under Parekh and Sushanth Tharappan replaced him as head of HR.


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