GoDaddy lays off 8 percent of the workforce

GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani lays off 8 per cent of workforce
The employees are mainly impacted in the US. The affected employees are from multiple levels in the company and every division.

An American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani has sacked 8 percent of its workforce.

The employees are mainly impacted in the US. The affected employees are from multiple levels in the company and every division.

Aman Bhutani, Chief Executive Officer, GoDaddy shared a LinkedIn post saying, “Earlier today, we said goodbye to many GoDaddy team members. To those leaving – you played an important part in our journey and helped entrepreneurs around the world achieve their dreams and build successful microbusinesses.”

“Every day, you made a difference for our customers and teammates. While our paths diverge today, I wish you well and hope our paths cross again”, he added.

He further added, “To my network – I’m grateful to those who can help our departing team members get a head start on securing their next career opportunity.”

The layoffs are due to part of cross-cutting measures. Additionally, the CEO has informed the employees through E-mails.

“The planned impacts also include ongoing work to more deeply integrate three of our brands — Media Temple, Main Street Hub, and 123 Reg — into GoDaddy”, Aman Bhutani said.

“Media Temple customers and team members are already aware of the transition to GoDaddy infrastructure as we work to sunset the brand, and team members will receive a meeting invite today to explain the path forward for them,” he added.

“Some roles in 123 Reg may not be required longer-term and we will notify any impacted team members by March 1, 2023”.

GoDaddy is offering the impacted employees a transition package, in line with local laws and customs. The employees have been provided with the following benefits:-

  • The employees have been provided with 12 weeks of paid administrative leave in the US. The employees with continued core benefits coverage.
  • Additionally, the employees will be provided with two additional weeks of severance per year worked (with a minimum of four weeks).
  • The employee will receive extended healthcare benefits, as well as outplacement and immigration support to help with their transition.

GoDaddy also joined the layoff spree by top tech companies. The major companies that laid off employees include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Byju’s, Wipro, Yahoo, and Salesforce laid off a maximum number of workers globally.

Additionally, Disney will lay off 7,000 employees to make the business more profitable. Recently, Zoom also announced to sack of 1300 employees or roughly 15 percent of the company’s workforce.  Additionally, the Zoom CEO’s salary is to be reduced by 98%. In less than two months in 2023, more than 336 tech companies have laid off more than 1 lakh tech workers.


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