Google employees write to VP– HR on fear of layoffs

Google staff write to VP – HR on fear of layoffs
Several employees have written a letter to the company’s Vice President of Human Resources expressing concern about the mass layoffs that the new employee evaluation system could lead to mass layoffs in the company.

As per earlier reports, An American multinational technology company focusing on search engine technology, Google is expected to lay off 6 percent of employees in 2023. The employees who will fall under the low-performance bracket will be affected.

As per the recent reports, several employees have written a letter to the company’s Vice President of Human Resources expressing concern about the mass layoffs. Five employees and an employee representative from the Switzerland headquarters reportedly addressed a letter to HR.

The letter obtained by The New York Times reads, “The number and spread of reports that reached us indicate that at least some managers were aggressively pressured to apply a quota”.

The letter indicates that Google employees are anxious that through these recent management decisions and warnings, the company can head towards broader layoffs.

As per CNBC reports, however, several employees have been complaining about procedural and technical issues with the new performance system.

According to the rating system, an employee must have “achieved the near-impossible” and contributed “more than we (Google) thought possible” if they want to be in the highest-rated category.

As per CNBC reports, According to the current development, it will be harder to achieve high marks: Google projects 22% of employees will be rated within one of the two highest categories, versus 27% before.

However, the employees want a clear picture of the layoffs but Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai hasn’t reportedly cleared the doubts of the employees.

Earlier, Google’s CEO admitted that the future is unpredictable. The development of either layoff or hiring slowdown comes after IT companies, crypto exchanges, and financial firms cut out jobs and slow down the hiring process due to slow global economic growth caused by higher interest rates, and rising inflation.

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Google during a companywide meeting with all employees said, “It’s really tough to predict the future, so, unfortunately, I can’t honestly sit here and make forward-looking commitments.”

Pichai further said, “What the company is trying hard to do is to make important decisions, be disciplined, prioritize where we can, rationalize where we can, so that we are set up to better weather the storm, regardless of what’s ahead.”

“I think that’s what we should focus on and try and do our best there,” Pichai added.

He had also declined to reassure employees that job cuts aren’t under consideration. The company employs 1,87,000 employees. 

Google is not the only organization that will lay off in 2023. As per reports, Amazon will also continue to layoff in 2023.


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