TCS employees filed complaint amidst layoff upheaval

TCS staff lodge complaint amidst layoff upheaval
They accuse the company of discriminatory practices, specifically citing race and age discrimination. Allegedly, TCS favored individuals with H1-B visas over existing employees, resulting in job displacement.

The reported complaint against Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) filed by over 20 employees in the US with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges discrimination based on race and age.

The complaint suggests that the company favored individuals with H1-B visas over them in job assignments. This issue highlights the complexities and challenges surrounding employment practices, particularly in the context of visa sponsorship and diversity and inclusion efforts within multinational corporations.

The statement as reported by Business Standard, TCS in a statement said, “Allegations that TCS engages in unlawful discrimination are meritless and misleading.”

“TCS has a strong track record of being an equal opportunity employer in the U.S., imbibing the highest levels of integrity and values in our operations”, the statement added.

TCS has faced discrimination accusations before. In 2015, the company encountered such claims, resulting in a 2018 verdict favoring the firm. Additionally, in 2022, The company attained partial relief from a similar case filed in a New Jersey Court.

The company doesn’t stand alone previously, Infosys also faced a similar lawsuit in the United States by a former employee who alleged that the IT giant discriminated against job applicants based on their age, gender, nationality, and caregiver status.

Currently, the TCS workforce stood at 603,305 as of December 31st with attrition at 13.3% for the last twelve months. The company’s workforce stood at 608,985 as of September 30, reported a dip of 6333 employees from the last quarter.

Moreover, the company has recently announced that it has trained 350,000 employees in foundational GenAI skills positions it to establish a leading AI-ready workforce globally. This vast talent pool underscores TCS’s readiness to meet the demands of the evolving digital landscape.

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