Wipro sacks freshers, 452 people allegedly fired after internal test

Wipro layoff freshers 800 employees fired after an internal test
Wipro fired the employees after taking an internal test. However, The company has waived the training cost spent on the employees.

An Indian multinational corporation, Wipro has sacked 452 fresher employees due to poor performance.

Wipro fired the employees after taking an internal test. However, the company has waived the training cost spent on the employees.

However, the company has not commented on the exact number of layoffs. As per the update the company laid off 452 freshers.

Referring to Businesstoday, The termination letter noted, “We wish to inform you that training cost of Rs.75,000/- which you are liable to pay, will be waived off.”

The company said, “At Wipro, we take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standards. In line with the standards we aim to set for ourselves, we expect every entry-level employee to have a certain level of proficiency in their designated area of work.”

“The evaluation process includes assessments to align employees with the business objectives of the organization and the requirements of our clients”, the company added.

The company further said, “This systematic and comprehensive performance evaluation process triggers a series of actions such as mentoring and retraining and in some cases separation of certain employees from the company.”

Recently, in December it was noted that Wipro has sent a communication to campus recruits that it will be onboarding the fresher candidates in a phased manner.

Wipro in the mail said, “We would like to inform you that we are in the process of planning your onboarding with us as per business requirements.” The company further said that it will honor offers made to all these candidates.

Earlier it was reported that Wipro had postponed the joining date of its more than 2000 students/employees, despite their compliance with its assessment guidelines.

Prior to this, the Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate also shared the information through a tweet “@Wipro has no right to play with the future of students & employees. We are seeking. @LabourMinistry intervention to stop this unethical practice which has jeopardized lives of more than 2000 campus hires and employees.”

The company’s attrition rate has also continued to ease to 21.2% from 23% in the previous quarter. The firm’s total headcount at the end of the December quarter slipped to 258,744 from 259,179 in the last quarter.

In the third quarter, Wipro added 605 new employees. In the second quarter, the company promoted more than 10,000 colleagues and increased salaries across bands.


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