Accenture acquires fable+ a business agility and analytics firm

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Accenture acquires fable+ a business agility and analytics firm

Accenture has acquired fable+, a consulting firm specializing in business agility and analytics-driven transformation. Located in Mannheim and Berlin, fable+’s team of 50 professionals have joined Accenture’s Talent & Organization / Human Potential team, adding highly specialized expertise focused on organizational transformation.
fable+ has a proven track record of enabling viable, innovation-promoting work environments. By leveraging their proprietary cloud-based app to measure psychological safety and team performance, fable+ can quantify key culture factors that drive performance across different levels of an organization.

A team’s psychological safety level indicates how secure its members feel to speak up, contribute their expertise and share ideas. In an increasingly complex, fast-paced operating environment, the competitive advantages of an organization will depend on its ability to create trust-based agile cultures rooted in psychological safety.

“What the past year taught us, is that sudden disruption must be met with an equally rapid response in the workplace by leaders seeking to create cultures grounded in trust and focused on supporting people across many dimensions of well-being,” said Christie Smith, global lead of Talent & Organization / Human Potential. “fable+’s methodologies will enable our clients to shape their workplace culture and support the growth of agile and resilient teams that are central to sustainable businesses growth.”

Frank Riemensperger, market unit lead for Accenture in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia, said: “Digital transformation requires change, not only on hardware but also in mindsets. Consequently, we see an increasing demand for agile transformation and training centred on human interaction. Using AI and cloud technology, fable+ pioneered an analytics-driven approach to better understand workplace culture and team performance. This acquisition enables us to scale and grow innovative services that help clients create effective working environments to address their individual challenges.”


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