ITC Infotech employees will get digital bot friends


TNN reveals that ITC Infotech has taken a workplace transformation that could result in a culture change. The company has chalked out a plan to equip every employee with a digital bot – a software tool that performs tasks it’s configured for. ITC Infotech is officially rolling out this new initiative in September 2019, will cover all 8,500 employees over a period of six months. 

While most companies are undertaking automation and are deploying bots for specific functions catering to the workforce and customers, the difference here is that every employee at ITC Infotech will get a bot that will act like a “buddy” and execute mostly mundane tasks to meet the employee’s requirements. 

Bots, said ITC Infotech, can be designed to execute a variety of actions — from complex tasks such as understanding the human conversation, to simply automating repetitive tasks such as creating a pivot table in an excel sheet and pasting that on to a slide to create a presentation.

The move at ITC Infotech is aimed mainly at boosting employee engagement and productivity levels

Milan Sheth, who is Automation Anywhere’s executive VP for India, Middle East u0026 Africa, said although several companies have deployed bots at work, no company has set a goal of equipping 100% of their employees with bot people. “ITC Infotech will be the first to do so. Even if all employees are not able to complete the task in six months, at least 80-85% would do so, ”said Sheth, who reckons this could increase productivity levels of employees by 12-14% in the first year after full rollout.

Recently, Kotak Mahindra Bank launched a voice robot powered by artificial intelligence, developed using millions of telephone banking conversations. Yes bank, with the help of video analysis, AI and bots, develop personality reports. The application allows you to schedule personal/telephone interviews, which helps the bank to communicate with candidates at any place or time. 

“We are convinced this is the future. The future workforce will want to perform activities that are creative. That cannot happen unless you empower them with the requisite technological tools,” said Sheth. In a phased manner, help desks and kiosks have been planned across ITC Infotech’s campus in Bengaluru to help employees in leveraging the bots. 


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