Cognizant Healthcare Head Sacked Over Compliance Issue


Cognizant Executive Vice President and Healthcare Head Jeff Heenan-Jalil fired from the company on compliance-related issues. Jalil had joined the Cognizant Healthcare in July 2019. 

On December 13, Cognizant announced a change of leadership in its healthcare business unit. D K Sinha, Cognizant’s head of North America, who is responsible for all vertical industry segments, will lead the organisation on an interim basis. We will not comment further on personnel matters,” TOI reports

Heenan-Jalil was said to have been hand-picked by Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries after one of the top five healthcare payer CIOs in the US referred him. Heenan-Jalil, sources said, was asked to go, but it did not have anything to do with the healthcare business.

Prior to joining Cognizant, Jalil was the CEO (Europe) of robotic process automation firm IPSoft. Earlier to that, he was Senior Vice President and Global Head of Healthcare in Wipro. In Cognizant, he had replaced the then healthcare head Kaushik Bhaumik.

Cognizant has a very strong healthcare verticle with over 400 payers, over 340 health systems, over 3.47 lakh providers, 13 state governments, and 30 state and federal exchanges, the publication mentioned citing consulting firm HfS Research. The company has demonstrated capabilities across the value chain including claims administration, health and care management, the daily said.

The company gets a majority of its healthcare revenues from North America. Cognizant’s top healthcare clients include CVS Aetna, Anthem, Cigna. Around 35,000 people work in its healthcare division across North America, India and Philippines.


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