Walmart to name new CEO of India unit

Walmart India is elevating Sameer Aggarwal as head of its India operations in April, replacing Krish Iyer

Walmart to name Sameer Aggarwal CEO of India unit 

Walmart India to elevate Sameer Aggarwal as Head of its India operations in April. He will replace Krish Iyer who has been at the helm in the country for more than six years. Currently, Sameer is working as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and reporting to Krish Iyer.

According to ET Tech, Krish Iyer, currently, president and CEO of Walmart India, will move to an advisory role within the company as his contract with the US giant is set to expire only next year. Originally from Mumbai, India, Iyer joined Walmart International as a senior vice president in 2012.

Sameer Aggarwal was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Walmart India effective 1st January 2020. He will continue reporting to Krish Iyer, President & CEO Walmart India, and oversee operations,

This is the third promotion of Sameer during his two-year stint at Walmart India. A retail veteran with stints at Yum Brands in Thailand and U.K. retailer Sainsbury’s in London.

Sameer was hired in April 2018 as chief strategy and administrative officer at Walmart India.

Walmart India’s Best Price stores accumulated losses of Rs. 2,180.8 crores until March 2019. In the previous financial year, Walmart India posted sales of Rs. 4,095 crores and a net loss of Rs. 171.6 crore.

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