Oracle America, Inc. is being sued by the US government for underpaying Indians and other minorities

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The US Department of Lobor is suing Oracle for paying the white employees 25% higher than the people of color and women. The US Department of Labor has accused US-based Oracle of discrimination against Indian, Asian and African Americans employees by paying lower wages of as much as 25% for comparable positions than white or non Asians in the company. – Economic Times

While Oracle favoured Indian nationals in Asians to hire for product development roles, they were being discriminated in wages along with African nationals and Hispanics compared to whites in its US operations. 

It impermissibly denies equal employment opportunity to non-Asian applicants for employment, strongly preferring a workforce that it can later underpay. Once employed, women, Blacks, and Asians are systematically underpaid relative to their peers,” the office of the federal contract compliance programs of the US Department of labor said in its complaint. The complaint is against Oracle in the US and refers to investigations done at its headquarters in Redwood Shores.

The discrimination cost 11,000 non-white employees $400 million in lost pay between January 2013 and December 2016, it claims. The discrimination affected around 11,000 Asian nationals. Oracle had a programme to recruit engineers from campuses in India, Complaint says. 

Late last year, TCS was cleared of anti-American bias even as Infosys, Wipro and HCL faced similar charges. 

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