55 Lakh Workers To Benefit From Delhi Minimum Wages


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, announced an increase in minimum wages and said that 55 lakh workers to benefit from increased minimum wages notified by Delhi Government after Supreme Court Order. He also announced that the employees will also get dearness allowance for the months of April to September and a Diwali bonus of one month’s salary.

“Among various steps to revive the economy, financially aiding the poor and stabilizing the economy, this is an important step as it will increase the purchasing power of the poor, resulting in production which will further increase employment,” Kejriwal said in a press conference.

“55 Lakh contractual workers will get the benefit due to the increase in minimum wages, which was recently approved by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court’s judgment on minimum wages is due to our struggle,” Kejriwal further added.

In a reaction Traders’ body, CAIT on Tuesday opposed the Delhi government’s move to increase minimum wages and demanded a rollback of the decision, saying it will prove to be a major financial burden on traders and employers in the city.

CAIT said on behalf of Delhi traders, it has lodged a “strong protest against such unjustified, arbitrary, unilateral and uncalled for an increase in minimum wages”.

The enhanced minimum wages for unskilled workers have been fixed at Rs 14,842 per month, for semi-skilled workers at Rs 16,341 per month and for skilled workers at Rs 17,991 per month.

The government has removed 1,373 contractors so far for not paying minimum wages to their workers.


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