Induction at FORE School; Gender Diversity at 50% Bridging the Gender Gap ‘FOREway’


The Induction Ceremony of FORE School of Management, New Delhi, for the PGDM: FMG-28th, IMG-13th & FM- 2nd batch of students, was held recently in the campus auditorium with 360 students of which a whopping 50% percent are female students – a superlative achievement in gender diversity among business schools in the country, where 30-35% is generally considered as ‘high’.

And to celebrate this, two industry stalwarts Ms. Anjali Amar Joneja, Country Manager at Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Ms. Jaya Singh, Associate Director, Lead Search-Recruiter and Consulting, were invited to speak and inspire the new class of 2019-21. Incidentally both of them are pass outs of FORE.

Located in the heart of Delhi, Fore School has always been emphasizing on diversity in the classrooms. The students-mix this year has been remarkable, as 360 students were chosen from more than 8000 applications received from 23 states in India and outside.

The induction ceremony started with Prof.  Sanghamitra Buddhapriya, Dean Academics at FORE, welcoming the batch. She said that the students are key stake holders for any institutions and their aspirations are of utmost importance to faculty members at FORE. While the courses and pedagogy is designed as per industry requirements and beyond imparting knowledge, a great deal of attention will also be on building right kind of skills, attitude, analytical, decision making abilities and mindset to face the challenges in the industry. “The institute and faculty will contribute a lot the onus of development lies on students. It is not going to be a cake-walk. A Lot of conviction and commitment is needed to achieve your dreams”, she said.

Referring to matching the ‘aspirations and expectations’ of the students Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director shared similar feelings and said that after completion of the management program, getting a good job is the objective and may be the ‘life goal’ for most students here. “It is in the interest of the institute too and the institute will ensure that the probability of getting a good job is enhanced”.

Besides the curriculum, initiatives like ‘Managerial skills for effectiveness’ and ‘Seminar Course’ essentially shall focus on building and developing skill sets which recruiters look for. “But to learn and get equipped with these skills primary depends on the students. Next 2 years should be like ‘Tapasya’ where focus, determination and time management will facilitate meeting expectations.”

Dr. B.B.L. Madhukar, Vice President (Finance) & Treasurer at FORE, connected with the students instantly as his speech in ‘Hinglish’ broke the ice and apprehensions. He stressed upon peer learning and asked students to promote a culture of active and cooperative learning environment for a deeper understanding of each other’s strength. Citing the iconic Chicago speech of Swami Vivekananda, which made the world sit up and take notice of him, Dr. Madhukar urged students to build on communication skills.

Ms. Anjali Amar Joneja, Country Manager at Verizon Enterprise Solutions and a FORE School alumnus, shared her experience at FORE, ‘the bonding between the classmates over a common goal of a successful career, fun and the chilling out and the sleepless nights over assignments’.

Narrating her journey in the industry, she said, “FORE did not teach me everything; like my technical skills or telecom technology I started working on, but FORE instilled the belief in me, the can-do attitude and confidence, which made me take on the challenges of the industry and helped me grow from an account manager to country head of a company.”

Two key things to remember in life – ‘Removal of internal obstacles and always ready and eager to learn’ was her parting advice to the new batch of impressed students.

Ms. Jaya Singh, Associate Director, Lead Search-Recruiter and Consulting, and alumnus FORE School, touched upon the importance of ‘planning and prioritizing for maximum output’. Sharing live challenges from her assignments with Hindustan Times and Pepsi, she said, “Effective communication, collaborations and not having a fixed mindset is what it takes to adapt to different environments”.

Talking about the open culture and lively environment at FORE, she urged students to maintain the integrity and not to forget their roots and said, “Soak your-selves during the internships and always look around for opportunities to network”.

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