SHRM India Annual Conference 2019 discusses the role of corporates in achieving PM Modi’s vision of $5 trillion economy by 2025


New Delhi,  October 10, 2019 – The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management, commenced its 8th India Annual Conference in New Delhi today. The two-day conference and exposition brings together 1800+ delegates, including mid & senior-level HR professionals, corporate leaders and over 150+ acclaimed thought leaders from all over the world. The conference was given a flying start by Ms Achal khanna, CEO, SHRM – APAC and David Windley, SHRM Chair member & CEO of IQTalent partners.

The key agenda of the conference draws on the theme “Elevate”, to offer a platform that empowers and enables HR personnel across all industry verticals to elevate their performance in line with the continuously evolving HR industry.

In a very insightful session Elevating India, The journey to a $5 trillion Economy, the panellists, Rathin Roy, Director and Chief Executive, National Institute of public finance and policy; Mr Sumant Sinha, Chairman and MD, Renew Power and Ms Ila Patnaik, Economist, and former principal economic advisor to Govt of India, acknowledged that while there is no doubt that India has the potential to be a world leader, key structural reforms must be effected in the financial systems, judiciary, regulatory mechanisms, and policy formulations to achieve the target of $5 Trillion economy and gain its rightful place in the world order. The discussion also calls upon the government to take immediate steps to boost demand, strengthen the financial sector and privatize PSU’s to enhance productivity. Policy uncertainty is hurting industries and a rethinking of our institutions in a necessary panacea. We must re-think our institutions and re-capacitate them to handle the high levels of growth that we are aiming for.

Suresh Narayanan, MD, Nestle India, in his session Staying elevated: Winning every moment, draws upon personal experience and sayings from ancient sages to uncover the secret of winning every time. Drawing upon the Japanese philosophy of IKIGAI, one must clearly identify one’s purpose early in life and hone it over time so that every action and every decision can be geared towards achieving that purpose. He also advocated that winning is never absolute but a relative term and that ego is the number one obstacle on our path to success. Acceptance is an inspiration to action and by accepting that ‘failing to succeed’ is the route to ‘succeeding to succeed’, every moment becomes a winning moment.

An organization’s most valuable resource is human capital, and every manager, irrespective of what function s/he leads, needs to have the knowledge and skills to ensure that this important asset performs at the highest level of efficiency.  The SHRM India Annual Conference 2019 will be the perfect platform where HR experts will discuss the most relevant topics, and share up-to-date knowledge to equip participating delegates with the practical tools and innovative ideas to help elevate their game at the workplace. Professionals from all walks of life are welcome to participate and learn how to raise the bar on managing their teams to build better workplaces and a better world.

Achal Khanna, CEO-SHRM APAC and the Middle East said, “This year the conference has set multi-records in terms of delegates, number of participating organizations, awards nominations and world-class speakers. This conference transcends the normal and will delve into unexplored depths of people management to help ELEVATE not only the leader but also the organization and the discipline”.India is poised for a new economic era and humans are the assets. We must elevate aspirations and elevate our goals beyond the ordinary. This is a once in a generation opportunity to effect meaningful change and this conference will be an effective catalyst in bringing about that change, she further added”.

Some of the eminent speakers who contributed at the event today were, , David Windley, SHRM Chair member & CEO of IQTalent partners; Emily M Dickens Corporate Secretary and Chief of Staff, SHRM; Shiv Khera, Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and Global Thought Leader; Alok Nanda, CEO, GE India Technology Centre; Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & MD, Nestle India; Rohit Thakur, HR MD, Accenture India.

The conference also witnessed in-depth sessions and discussions on critical aspects of businesses in general and the practice of HR in particular with topics such as, ‘Elevating women in leadership roles – What works?’, ‘Who’s skilling the skill master: is HR elevating itself?’ and ‘Leveraging technology for employer branding and recruitment marketing’ amongst others.

The evening was concluded with a grand award ceremony where SHRM presented the annual HR Excellence Awards to acknowledge organizations that work passionately towards raising the bar for the profession and their workforce through constant innovation.


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