Company sacks ‘Top Performer’ to set an example for others

Company sacks 'top performer' to set an example for others
The post has been viral now. The users have posting various comments over it. It has nearly 800 upvotes and over 160 comments. 

Employees are the backbone of any organization. However, a Reddit user posted about a company that had unexpected and questionable behavior on social media, which gained significant attention and criticism. 

According to the user, the company fired one of its most accomplished employees. The post said, “Honestly, a lot of things have been going down at my current job including upper management stealing commissions from workers, not respecting contract terms, giving us a hard time if we spend more than 5 mins in the bathroom, and saying the door is open if we don’t like it, etc…”

“The other day they threatened to fire me because I was demotivated, demotivated because THEY stole my commissions. Today they fired a coworker who was a top performer and just behind me in sales figures”, the post added.

“The official news was that they fired him because he was not meeting expectations. But, our direct manager told us they fired him as an EXAMPLE, that we shouldn’t fight with management for kinds of stuff like commissions or breach of contracts, because they can fire anybody at will if we are trying to go against what they say”, the post concluded.

Click to see the post. The post has been viral now. The users have posted various comments on it. It has nearly 800 upvotes and over 160 comments. 

One user said, “The last thing companies want to do is continue to honor their comp agreements long-term with employees who actually achieve or exceed goals. That’s like giving someone a suitable raise every year.”

“Contact a local union organiser and ask if they know a good labour lawyer who would work for a percentage of the settlement or pro bono. Generally there are at least a few in any jurisdiction, it’s just a matter of finding them, and unions generally know where. The law is an effective weapon in this kind of case because there exist lawyers willing to go after any bosses stupid enough to leave a trail that can be pursued. It also makes them look good”, another user said.


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