HR Warned an Employee for Social Media and Netflix Use in Duty Hours

HR Warns Employee for Social Media, Netflix Use
Sumit shared the LinkedIn post saying, "One of my friends received a warning from her HR for using Instagram during work hours."

Sumit Mishra, a LinkedIn user, posted on the social media platform claiming that a friend of his received a warning from HR.

According to Sumit, his friend Rishika was reprimanded by her HR department for using Instagram during work hours.

He shared this incident to highlight the monitoring of employees’ social media usage during work and the potential consequences of being caught engaging in non-work-related activities. This serves as a reminder to remain cautious about personal social media use during work hours.

Sumit shared the LinkedIn post saying, “One of my friends received a warning from her HR for using Instagram during work hours.”

The email reads, “It has come to our attention that you are utilizing the company’s time, electricity, and internet to visit websites unrepeated to your job responsibilities, specifically websites such as,,, and also you spent 6 hrs on last Friday, 31st May.”

“Please remember, we already gave you a casual warning last week when you were caught watching Babil Khan interviews while on duty!”, the email added.

The email further said, “Many of your colleagues have also reported that you and Shreya carry coffee pouches, sugar sachets, Maggi, forks, and disposable plates from the pantry for personal use. Please note that stealing products from office property is strictly prohibited.”

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The post has been viral and gathered various reactions.

One LinkedIn user said, “It’s absolutely needed to call out such employees Without mixing words. The message has been perfectly delivered and was very much needed for such an unprofessional employee. The image of HR is generally perceived and EXPECTED to be someone ‘who has to be polite no matter what has to be sweet, use sugar-coated words to make employees feel good about themselves even if a strong or difficult conversation is required’.”

“Otherwise, HR is labelled as RUDE, Too Straightforward, that’s not how HR talks’. Hence we need more such HRs who have the GUTS to be this BRAVE and equally Understanding Top Management to Support the need for such Communications at times. Though Professionalism and Respect towards Employees shouldn’t ever be compromised in the process that’s non-negotiable!” it added.

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